Fabric Dyeing

Fabric Dyeing

Luxury Knit state of the art color/dye laboratory allows our team to provide clients fast response times and beyond imaginable color accuracy due to our advanced computerized color matching systems and dying techniques. Always matching colors to produce large quantity we have become one of the most reliable in the market today.

The process of dyeing to produce the most reliable color quality and colorfastness is a sensitive and sophisticated process on any fabric. The combination of stretch yarns only increases the level of complexity required in the dyeing process. The superiority of our dyeing devices, the knowledge, and diligence of our dye house technicians and customers who share our gratitude for vivid, market-leading aesthetics enable us to succeed.

Once lap dips are matched for your approval, your textile goes through our high-tech, high-performance dye jets. Lastly, Luxury Knit dyed fabrics must pass numerous testing measures designed by our engineers and chemists to guarantee every lot will achieve color match and reliability. Dyes are also tested specifically in response to washing, and exposure to light, salt water, and chlorine. Luxury Knit dyeing experts can also help customers upon request and develop proper testing protocols for other customer needs.

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