Patterns & Grading

Pattern Making

Luxury Knits assists clients in the development of patterns. When our client is looking to add a new item to their collection, the first step is creating a pattern. Our experienced pattern makers help our clients in all aspects of this to make our clients lives easier. A pattern is a template, which is placed on top of the fabric before being cut out and assembled by our sewers. A sketch or a reference sample is used to create a pattern.


Luxury Knit assists clients in grading patterns for full-scale production or salesman samples. Grading is done to properly size a pattern to a range of sizes. Each pattern piece needs to be graded, or systematically increased or decreased. This way the style keeps its shape, fit, balance, and scale of style details. There are 3 ways of grading patterns: 1: Cut & Spread 2: Pattern Shift 3: Computer Grading. Luxury Knit uses specialized computer grading software because it is the most accurate.


Luxury Knit assists clients in markers for production purposes. Markers are the templates used by our cutting team. Our team uses a patented computer configuration method intended to reduce fabric waste.

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