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Best Silk Fabrics to Design your Clothes

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Silk fabric is one of the beloved fabrics for designing clothes. However, it is really challenging to identify the type and quality of the silks with the naked eye, even for experts. They check the quality of the fabric using a magnifying glass. So, it is natural for common people to get confused with the type of silk they need.

Most people are aware of the fact that silk fabric is made from silkworms, but how many of you know that spiders and mussels are also used to make silk? In fact, silk made from spiders is regarded as one of the best silk material ever discovered. There are different types of silk fabrics and their details are given below.

Pure Silk

This is the finest and purest of silks. Pure silk is made of silk fabric that is cleaned off the gum by boiling. Here, no additive is used, in order to balance the weight loss that occurred during the boiling and cleaning processes.

Mulberry Silk

As the name indicates, this silk fabric is made of the silkworm that lives on mulberry leaves, known as Bombyx. This is the commonly used silk fabric, and has many variants as well.

Wild Silk

This is the silk fabric which is made from silkworms that feed and live on oak leaves, instead of mulberry. Wild silk is also known as Tusser silk or Tussah silk, and offers a coarse texture to the clothes.

Silk Charmeuse

This is one of the perfect fabrics for designing your dresses, especially wedding gowns, as it has a lustrous texture and satin finish that is sure to steal the show. The beautiful drapes and supple nature of this soft medium silk will make it easier for you to adorn it. However, it is really hard to sew this material because of its slippery nature; hence you must be extra cautious while dealing with it.

Chiffon Silk

This is a wholesale knit fabric with a rough texture, which is perfect for making flowy clothes, especially gowns. The main advantage of choosing chiffon silk is that they come in a variety of colors and textures. However, this fabric is also hard to deal with while sewing because of its flimsy, thin, and slippery nature.

Dupioni Silk

Dupioni silk or silk dupion is a standard, weight reversible silk material with loose plain weaves and coarse texture. This fabric is made by weaving two colors of yarn from two cocoons in knitting mills, and hence offers a dull sheen and luster when viewed in a different light. The main advantage of Dupioni silk is that it will not wrinkle or crease easily. Furthermore, you can sew this material easily because of its robust nature.

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