Knitting Mill

Knitting Mill

Luxury Knit, Inc, is a vertical knitting mill manufacturer specializing in all knit fabrics. All our fabrics are made in the U.S.A. and distributed to customers worldwide for clothing brands, manufacturers, military, athletic wear, swimwear, outerwear, and medical industries.

At Luxury Knit we have invested greatly in state of the art circular knitting machines operating all year round, allowing us to create the knit you desire! We knit fabrics with a variety of different stitches and gauges. Our team has the expertise to knit fabrics including jerseys, novelties, and those using specialty fibers! After years of experience, our team has the proprietary knowledge and extensive technology to create some of the highest quality fabric from across the world

Experience you can trust

Our professional team has all the tools necessary to get you and your team the exact fabric you are looking for! When it comes to the development of specialty fabrics for specific needs, our experienced in-house design team specializes in creating custom fabric. We work together with our clients to create exclusive textile products and meet customer design, delivery, and cost goals.

In an environment full of individual tastes, Luxury Knit specializes in custom-tailored solutions for our clients. We understand that today’s clothing brands and manufacturers want to offer their clients something different, something exclusive, something that stands out and something that only they would have. We have made fabrics ranging from Cotton, French Terry, Bamboo, Hemp, Jacquard, Sweater Knit, Pique, Modal, Spandex, and much more!

Years or Experience

Manufacturing for some of the tops brands across the world, our sophisticated manufacturing capabilities have been recognized across America. We strive to continue this excellent tradition and look forward to fulfilling all your fabrics needs.

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