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The Best Fabrics For Sportswear Manufacturing

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Sportswear Manufacturing

Sportswear Manufacturing

Sportswear manufacturing focuses on creating something that is comfortable as well as highly functional for its intended use. There are a lot of different materials used for sportswear manufacturing these days. However, the below-mentioned ones are the most popular choices among those.


Spandex is one of the most commonly used materials for sportswear manufacturing due to its stretchable properties. It is a lightweight synthetic fiber, which allows flexible and comfortable body movement. Spandex also absorbs moisture quickly, which keeps the body cool and dry during an activity.


Many people presume that cotton is unsuitable for activewear because it retains most of the moisture. However, cotton is a breathable fabric and can help to manage odor effectively. Besides, it is a natural fiber and feels soft on the skin. This makes cotton a good choice for many kinds of sportswear.


Nylon fabric is very soft and gives a texture that is similar to silk. It dries very quickly and is resistant to mildew, which adds to the life of activewear. Nylon also comes with good stretching and recovery properties, making it a feasible option for sportswear manufacturing.


Polyester is yet another popular choice for sportswear because of its stretching and abrasion-resistant properties. The synthetic fiber is also durable, wrinkle-free, and breathable. However, polyester is non-absorbent and does not absorb sweat. Still, it has great insulating qualities that make polyester great for both hot and cold weather.


Microfiber is a synthetic fabric material created with coarse and compact thread fibers. This gives a material that is light and easy to wear. Microfiber can also be produced with numerous polyester fibers, which is usually used in manufacturing high-end activewear.


Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer material, which features great water and heat resistance. It has good moisture-wicking properties and can be used as a base layer or a single fabric with other fabric too. Polypropylene feels soft on the skin and is easy to clean as well.


Neoprene is a synthetic fabric that has great water-resistant properties. It can even withstand temperatures to minus 20 degrees, making it a good choice for activewear in cold weather areas. This also makes neoprene ideal for water sportswear manufacturing such as diving suits.


Wool is seldom thought of as a material for sportswear. However, it can be the go-to choice for activewear in the colder regions. Woolen clothes trap heat and keep the body warm for a long time. The fabric is also breathable, which makes it an odorless sportswear material.

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