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Smart Tips for Washing Polyester

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Polyester is a type of synthetic fiber derived from coal, water, air, and petroleum. Technically known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET, fabric manufacturers develop polyester fiber by creating a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. Garments made of polyester are sensitive to heat and do not breathe that well as compared to other fabrics. However, as polyester clothes are resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, stretching, and abrasion, they can be a good option for sports apparel. Besides, polyester can resist mildew growth too, and it can be easily washed and dried as well. Below are some tips from polyester fabric manufacturers to clean and wash polyester garments.

Washing Polyester

The first step to washing and cleaning polyester is to check how soiled it is. If the clothing item is too much stained, you would need to pre-treat it with a specialized solution to make sure that it looks as good as new after the wash.

When pre-treating polyester garments, focus on the areas that are usually more prone to collecting dirt and stain, such as the necklines, underarms, and cuffs. You should also keep an eye on the solution that you are using to pre-treat polyester. While some pre-treating solutions are ideal for tannin and protein stains, such as coffee, ink, wine, grass, blood, and urine, some would be specially made for stains that are old and have set in. Similarly, you can use a mixture of all-purpose bleach-based cleaning solution and hot water for tough and hard-to-remove stains on polyester clothes.

Note that you might have to presoak the polyester garment for around half an hour in cool or warm water with some scented vinegar to remove the foul odor from it. After that, you can wash the clothing item in a washing machine on a normal cycle with either cool or a bit warm water. Just make sure to wash polyester clothes with like color items and synthetic fabrics only. If you were washing white garments, you can add a cup of all-purpose bleach-based cleaning solution to the load too. This would help to maintain the brightness and white color of polyester garments.

You can use a good quality fabric conditioner with each load to keep your polyester clothes soft and to prevent any wrinkles on them. When the washing is done, air-dry or tumble-dry them at medium temperature. Although you might not need to iron polyester garments usually, make sure to turn it to low temperature if you are ironing them. As for the storage, keep them in a breathable cotton bag to protect polyester garments from bugs.

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