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The Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes Manufacturing

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Baby Clothing

Babies have very sensitive skin and they cannot regulate their body temperatures. That is why choosing the right fabric matters a lot for baby clothes manufacturing. Below is a quick look at the different fabrics used for baby clothing items these days.


Cotton is the most popular option for baby apparel. The natural fabric is highly absorbent, soft, and feels gentle on the skin. Organic cotton fabric can be the best choice for baby clothing because it is free from chemicals and fertilizers. Cotton clothes make sure that babies stay comfortable all day long, while reducing the risks of allergies and other skin problems.

Jersey Knit

Cotton jersey knit fabric is another common choice for baby clothes manufacturing. The fabric is highly breathable, stretchable, and resistant to pilling. Jersey knit is easy to work with as well, which makes it ideal for sewing. However, as the edges of the fabric can become curled after washing, you should leave the ends without hemming. Cotton jersey knit fabric is also very soft and offers the utmost comfort and warmth to babies.

Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo rayon fabric is usually opted to make baby blankets and swaddles. The fabric is very soft, which makes it a great choice for sensitive skin or babies with any specific skin condition. The durable rayon fabric derived from bamboo plants is thermal-regulating as well, which means that it would adjust as per the body temperature. This ensures that the baby apparel does not become too hot.


Fleece is renowned for its warmth and comfort, which makes it an ideal choice for baby blankets and outerwear. The fabric is extremely soft, resistant to staining, and easy to wash. Fleece fabric dries very quickly as well, which allows you to use it for different types of homemade baby clothing and accessories.


Minky is a super-soft polyester knit fabric, which comes with a brushed pile to give it a luxurious feel. The fabric is used in many baby products, such as soft plush animals and cozy blankets. However, as Minky fabric is not as breathable as other natural fabrics, it is not that commonly used for baby clothing manufacturing.


Gauze fabric is breathable, light, and airy, which suits all kinds of baby clothes manufacturing needs. It offers a luxurious softness to baby apparel and blankets, no matter whether you choose single gauze or double gauze. You can get the fabric made from silk or cotton as per your requirements.

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