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Tips to Save Money by Cutting Down Fabric Consumption

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Fabric Consumption Tips

It is the most noted fact that fabric is what that takes up the lion share of your production cost, and as per the specialists in the garment production industry that almost seventy percent of the expenditure on raw materials goes into trims and fabrics.

Effectively monitoring the consumption and utilization of the fabric helps in managing the overall cost of raw materials. The motive behind this is to minimize fabric wastes at all levels of production. A lot of manufacturing cost could be saved if only very little fabric goes into waste. Below shared tips can help you save money on fabric cost.


Marker plan is great to find out things that affects fabric efficiency as well as fabric wastage. A marker plan that is highly efficient increases the utilization of fabric and minimizes wastage. Simply put, a marker with more garments is more efficient i.e. it reduces the wastage of fabric.

The effectiveness of a marker will increase with the number of pattern pieces that accurately fit with the marker. For instance, an eight-way marker is found to be using lesser amount of fabric when compared to a four-way marker of similar area.

Width and Shrinkage of the Fabric

One of the most important factors that affect the area available to make a marker is the width of the fabric used. As per expert clothing manufacturers, fabrics that are wide allows for efficient markers. Bigger width helps in minimizing the wastage of fabric and in lessening the amount of fabric that is required to make apparel for your business.

Fabric shrinkage is a term used to refer to the measure of fabric that is reduced in size when compared with its original size. Fabric consumption is always directly proportional to the shrinkage of the fabric and therefore, high shrinkage of the fabric means that more fabric is consumed in the overall making process.


This is yet another important factor that affects the overall consumption of fabrics. Some styles and parts of garments need cutting of the fabric on the bias. These styles mostly lead to higher consumption of fabric when compared to those that cut straight on the grain.

Fabric Repeat Size

The whole process of laying fabric and making markers is easy while you deal with solid color fabrics which incur less consumption of fabrics compared to the fabric materials that have patterns, stripes, and checks. Repeat size is directly proportional to the overall consumption of fabric.

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