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3 Common Types of Knit Fabrics

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People who are new to the world of sewing might initially feel a bit scared of sewing knits. However, there is no need to be afraid of sewing knits, because knits are pretty much easy to sew and fit. Nevertheless, it is true that you will need a little bit of practice to master it.

If you are a person who is planning to start sewing knits, then it is best to dedicate a quality amount of your time to learn about the wide varieties of knit fabrics available in the market. This will help you to easily identify the right type of knit fabric that is the ideal choice for your project. Some of the most popular and widely used types of knit fabrics are as follows.


Jersey is the most common type of knit fabric and most of the basic T-shirts available in the market are usually made from Jersey. Some of the major characteristics of Jersey fabric are discussed below.

  • The stretch factor is relatively less when compared to other fabrics.
  • They do not recover well once they are stretched too far.
  • Right and wrong sides of this type of fabric are actually different. You can see vertical knit rib on the right side and horizontal purls on the other side.

Rib Knit

Rib knit fabric is actually created with two needles that come with vertical textured lines. This is the ideal type of knit fabric for making wristbands, bubble hems, collars, and neckbands. Some of the most prominent features of rib knit are as follows.

  • Rib knit fabric usually has a number of crosswise stretches.
  • They possess the ability to recover well when they are stretched.
  • The right and wrong sides of this fabric are identical yet different.


Interlock knit fabric is actually a variation of rib knit fabric and it is also made by using two needles. This type of knit fabric works exceptionally well with camisoles, tanks, skirts, and T-shirts. Some of the most popular characteristics of interlock fabric are listed below.

  • It is far thicker and stable than jersey fabric.
  • The edges of this type of fabric do not curl usually, which means that they are easier to work with for beginners.
  • It is difficult to distinguish between the right and wrong side of interlock fabric.

These are the most common types of knits, so understanding how to distinguish them would help you gain more confidence while sewing knit fabrics.

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