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An Ultimate Guide to Velvet

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Guide To Velvet

People are always fond of beautiful and comfortable fabrics; be they for your clothes or any other purposes. One of the most loved and a popular fabrics is velvet. This garment is conventionally made using silk, and cotton is also used occasionally. The cut threads are arranged in a flat approach in a short thick pile in order to give a smooth, soft, and rich appeal to this type of woven tufted cloth. Recently, many synthetic fabrics in velvet have also been introduced.

Origin of Velvet

Legend has it that this smooth and soft fabric was first sold by Kashmiri merchants around 809 AD in Baghdad. It rose in popularity from there, and the city of Cairo became the largest manufacturer of velvet during the Mamluk Sultanate Era. During that time, this luxurious fabric was mainly associated with royalty across the globe, because of its sophisticated and gorgeous look, as well as the upper crust appearance.

Current Scenario

In present times, velvet can be woven using special looms that generate twin layers of thick fabric. After this complex and hectic process, you get the soft, smooth, and luxurious velvet cloth. However, there are also handmade velvets, which are quite expensive. These are mainly worn by the royalty and wealthy people.

Later, with the advent of power looms, velvet became more affordable and hence available to middle-class people as well. Apart from this, velvets are also made from cotton, mohair, linen, and wool, making it even more accessible.


The cost of velvet fiber mainly depends on the basic fiber that is used in the weaving process. If a silk material is used to make velvet, the price per yard will land between $75 to $150, whereas if a synthetic material like rayon is used in the weaving, the price will be really low; that is around $15.

Kuba velvet is regarded as one of the most expensive fabrics, and the price range for a piece of clothing is from $230 to $310. Apart from making clothing, you can also use this rich fabric to beautify your upholsteries.

Varieties of Velvet

There are numbers of manufacturers around the globe who make varieties of this ultimate rich fabric. Some of the leading manufacturers are India, Turkey, China, and Egypt. Besides, the home for one of the most luxurious fabric, Kuba velvet is from the Republic of the Congo. Some of the common varieties of velvet are listed below.

  • Crushed velvet
  • Devore velvet
  • Embossed velvet
  • Plain velvet
  • Velveteen


It is best to dry wash velvet that is made of silk and cotton. In case of velveteen, you can simply wash the fabric in a washing machine or else dry clean it. However, make sure to turn the garments inside out before cleaning.

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