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Common Myths about Silk Sheets

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Common Silk Myths

There are myths about almost everything in this world, and silk fabrics are no exception. Given below are some of the common myths regarding silk sheets.

Silk Sheets Shrink When Washed

When top quality silk sheets are cared in the right way, they will not shrink when washed. This means that if the silk sheets fit in your bed correctly prior to washing, it will fit exactly the same even after washing.

Silk Sheets are Very Slippery

It is a fact that silk sheets have a low friction value when compared to cotton, but this does not mean it slips off. The myth is because people mistake silk for polyester silk (satin) that can be very slippery.

Silk Fabric is a New Invention

Silk has been cultivated in China for around 5000 years now. It was highly expensive in earlier days and throughout the years, silk production increased making it much more affordable nowadays.

Silk Sheets Need Dry Cleaning

If the silk sheet is of good quality then it can be machine washed gently in cold water and will not need any dry cleaning. Though a silk sheet may lose some of its shine, they become soft after they are washed a few times.

All Silk Sheets are Similar

Actually, silk sheets can be made of different types of silks such as Tussar silk, Habotai Silk, Charmeuse Silk, etc. Each of these silks differs in friction, luster, and finish, making them entirely different from each other.

Silk Sheets are Very Expensive

Though this is somewhat true, it will be wise to note that spending on silk sheets is worth the money and it can be used for a very long time. Buying silk sheet is thus a good investment than opting for a low-quality fabric sheet

Silk is a Less Lasting Delicate Fabric

Silk requires some care but still, it is a pretty strong fabric for its mass. Quite surprisingly, silk was used as the primary fabric in parachutes due to its good strength to weight ratio even before nylon was invented.

Silk Production is Inexpensive

The production of silks needs thousands of silk cocoons that should be unrivaled and spun into yarn. Around 3000 to 5000 cocoons are utilized to produce a pound of silk, making its production very expensive.

Silk Sheets Will Stick to Skin

If silk sheets are 100% pure, then they will never catch your skin. However, polyester silk can be very slippery and at the same time, stick to your skin if you have calloused and rough hands.

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