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The AI Silk, Textile for the Future

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As technologies evolve, so does the textile industry. The latest addition to the long list of innovations in this space is AI silk, which was first introduced by the Japanese. This silk is said to offer an extremely comfortable experience to its users by freeing them from irritation, which is particularly useful to those with sensitive skin. Below is a discussion on the custom knit fabric of AI silk, and its various properties.

AI Silk was developed in 2015 by Hideo Okano. It was developed to create a fabric that generated electrodes which reduced the challenges and risks from conventional medical electrodes, which in turn are reported to cause inflammation, discomfort, and failure in measurement because of sweat. This problem has been solved by giving the fabric an electrode functionality, bringing down the risk of irritation. Aside from that, they also claim that the fabric functions properly even after a number of washes.

AI Silk successfully utilizes science and technology to turn silk into sensors. The result is an interesting material with diverse application potential. The natural silk is given material conductivity through a dyeing technique. The material has the ability to collect important information from the body of the wearer. This helps to manage health risks effectively. Besides, it is also said to help and assist the wearers in attending training classes and rehabilitation without any distractions.

One of the notable characteristics of AI Silk is its high level of conductivity. It has about 100Ω/sq resistance. It stays intact even after a large number of washing cycles, which not only helps for medical purposes but also makes it perfect for sports activities. This is because sweat will not have a negative impact on conductivity.

The AI Silk textile printing procedure makes sure that everyday activities stay comfortable. Besides, its high conductivity makes sure that it assists those with difficulties after suffering an injury. This has been achieved by attaching PEDOT-pTS to the textile material through a process called chemical polymerization. It imparts high-precision measuring and high conductivity and removes the irritating tingling sensation.

The AI Silk was devised from scratch. Its electricity-conducting property is something which can be used for creating a wide range of useful textiles. AI Silk is revolutionizing the textile industry with its worth in medical purposes and sports activities. More uses of this technology are being discovered yet, and the current ones are set to take clothing manufacture to new heights.

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