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How to Choose the Best Fabric for Kids’ Clothing

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Cotton Fabric Wholesale

Cotton Fabric Wholesale

Kids’ clothing manufacture is considered an easy and simple job. However, it needs special care and attention to choose the best fabric for children’s clothing. Below are some of the important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right fabric for kids’ clothing.

Fabric Type

Children are expected to run around and play all the time. Therefore, you should choose a lightweight fabric for kids’ clothing that would facilitate better ease of movement. The best options here include cotton satin, voile, silk, and flannel. They are not just lightweight, but also feel soft on the skin, which is an essential prerequisite for children’s clothing. These can be good for colder temperatures as well.


It is seen that kids’ clothing items are washed more frequently than adult clothing items. That is because children make their clothes dirty very often. Therefore, you should choose a very durable material for kids’ clothing. The fabric should have good resistance to wear and tear, and it should not fade with repeated washing. Cotton is the best option in terms of durability, while you can choose knit fabric as well for winter clothing.


Choosing the color should depend upon the intended use of the clothing item. Although it may vary as per your preferences, it is recommended to choose bright colors for children’s clothing. They look more attractive and playful to kids. At the same time, it is better to avoid white and pastel shades in daily wear, and instead, use that for clothing items that are meant for special occasions.


The clothing item should be capable of protecting the body from the elements of the weather. That is why you should choose the fabric material based on the climate as well. Natural fabrics are best suited for summers, such as cotton and silk, while you can choose wool, velvet, and corduroy for winter clothing. Clothing manufacturers use wool for making accessories like socks and scarves, while velvet is usually used in stitch dresses and other types of indoor wear.


Kids’ clothing should also offer the utmost comfort to them. While some children may find stiff fabric, such as cotton and linen, a little irritating, others may feel woolen clothing itchy and uncomfortable. In such cases, choosing a smooth and slippery fabric material, such as chiffon or satin, will be the best option. This will ensure that the final product is worth the time and effort you put into making children’s clothing.

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