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Repeat Patterns in Textiles

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Textile Pattern Types

Textile designers use a variety of designs on fabrics in order to enhance their visual appeal. These designs are sometimes the reason why they are in demand. There are several types of designs in use. One of the most common designs you can find on cotton fabric wholesale textiles is the repeat patterns design.

What are Repeat Patterns?

This is the type of design in which identical textures or patterns are printed continually on a piece of fabric. Textile designers typically use repeat designs in order to facilitate printing without awkward gaps or breaks. The main feature of this design is that it makes the textile look endlessly long. This effect adds to the visual impact created and it attracts people easily.

It is a proven decorative strategy successfully used on custom knit fabric materials. Furthermore, with the advent of digital printing equipment, it has now become possible to print stunning repeat designs.

Types of Repeat Patterns

There are different variants in the repeat designs. Technically, a repeat design is the distance between similar figures in a repeat pattern. It is measured based on the distance between the patterns before which the whole pattern starts over. Large repeats may take up large areas before they repeat themselves; paisley prints seen on drapery fabric are a good example of that. On the contrary, small repeats include designs like dots that cover the textile and create a uniform appearance.

There are different standards set in the textile industry regarding repeat designs. In case of upholstery fabric, the standard is a 48-inch wide piece of fabric with a 24-inch wide horizontal repeat pattern. This means that the design repeats itself after every 24 inches. Below are three of the common types of repeat patters designs seen in the cotton fabric wholesale and other textile materials.

Block Repeat

A block repeat is the simplest of all repeat designs. It resembles a grid design. In this, the patterns are always pointing in the same direction. The texture appears over and over again in both horizontal and vertical direction.

Half-Brick Repeat

Half-brick repeat takes every horizontal row and staggers it. These do not line up with rows right below and above it. The pattern gains its name from the common pattern of arrangement that we see on brick walls.

Half-Drop Repeat

A half-drop repeat makes repeated patterns in the same vertical columns. Then the same figures are offset from the neighboring column. This ensures that they are not lined up horizontally.

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