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Single Knit Vs Double Knit Stretch Fabric

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Custom Knit Fabric

Knitted fabrics are coveted for their elastic and flexible nature that makes it somewhat resistant to deformation and wrinkles. Do you know that knitted fabrics can be easily stretched up to 35%? As a result, people who embrace the comfy dressing style often sport wearing apparel made of custom knit fabric. It is to be noted that knitted stretch fabrics can be divided into two categories; single knit and double knit. If you are wondering about the right fabric option to choose between these depending on your lifestyle and personality, refer to the helpful tips and points given below.

Single Knit Stretch Fabric

Single knit fabric will be an ideal choice for your nightdress, lingerie, and other innerwear since it is designed in a way to stretch from side to side rather than in the downward or upward direction. The only downside associated with single knit fabric is that the edges of the clothing tend to curl up over time. In other words, it can be used regularly only for a short period of time. It is a different thing that there are many consumers who find even this loophole stylish and fashionable adding to its durability or lifespan.

Double Knit Stretch Fabrics

Double knit stretch fabrics consist of two layers, as the name indicates, making it a bit heavier when it comes to the weight. This element gives double knit fabrics an upper hand in case of its quality. This kind of garment is mainly used for skirts, pants, jackets, sportswear, sweatshirt, etc. It is worth noting that double knit fabrics are moderately flexible and highly durable such as cotton, silk, rayon, polyester, etc. This quality makes it comfortable for the wearer to move or stretch as he or she wishes. The best part is that you will not have to deal with the edge-curling issue in this case.

Which is a Better Option?

Clothing made using single knit and double knit fabrics are used for different purposes. Hence, you cannot literally pick out one among both choices. In fact, it is important to include the clothes made of both these fabrics in your wardrobe. Apart from that, it is always recommended to consider knitted fabrics over their woven counterparts since the former is more elastic. In simple words, the life expectancy or durability of knitted fabrics is much higher and can survive up to a significant number of years when compared to woven fabrics.

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