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What Does A Garment Size Set Mean?

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A garment size set is an important part of the sampling process. It refers to the set of sizes that the textile company provides you for the design of your clothing item. When you request a size set, the factory will send you the samples of your design in each size that you plan to produce. For instance, if you are planning to manufacture a t-shirt in S, M, L, and XL sizes, then the textile company will send you four different samples for those sizes.

Why you Need a Garment Size Set

The sample sizes you receive for your clothing item will depend upon your specific requirements as well as the measurements that you provided to the textile company. You will need to mention the details in the grading sheet of the technical pack that will define the measurements per size. That is why it is important to take your time and get the measurements right. If you are unsure of the process, then you should hire a professional technical designer to get the measurements right for each size that you want to produce.

If your measurements are wrong in the sample size, then using the sampling for your clothing manufacturing process will make all the sizes wrong. Note that when the clothing item is made bigger or smaller to fit different body sizes, only the measurements change and not the design. Therefore, you should ensure that the measurements are accurate to make certain that all your garment pieces have the same shape, style, and fit for every size and customer.

The garment size set will help you to cross-reference the measurements, so that you can check the details yourself during the sampling process. You will receive clothing samples from the factory throughout the sampling stage to ensure that the dimensions of the final item are perfect. When you receive the sample size garment, you can check it against the measurements noted in the technical pack and have a fitting session with a model if necessary. This will help you to give feedback on how to improve the garment sizing in the next sample.

The textile company factory will consider your suggestions and include the corrections in the subsequent samples. You will need to repeat the process and check the samples carefully until you are completely satisfied with the sample you received. So in a nutshell, a garment size set allows you to be totally sure that the final product will be as per your desired plan and suit your customers perfectly before you sign the contract for the bulk production.

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