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An Ultimate Guide to Alpaca Fabric

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Alpaca Fabric Guide

We know that a variety of fabrics is available across the world and alpaca is one among them. Alpaca wool is a rarest animal fiber material and is one of the highly demanded fabrics in the textile industry. It is a luxurious, soft, silky, and durable natural fiber that comes in 22 natural colors from black and brown to grey and ivory. One good thing about alpaca fabric is that it can be easily mixed or dyed with one another in order to get various color combinations, which is finally knit in a textile company to give a custom knit fabric as the end product.

An alpaca produces only ten pounds of fiber with a diameter of 18 to 25 microns. The thinner the fiber, the more luxurious the fabric, hence the wool of the youngest alpacas are considered to be the most valuable. The processes used to make alpaca wool are very similar to the ones used in wools.

Characteristics of the Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca belongs to camel family and there are two varieties of it, the one with silky and lustrous long hair known as the Suri, and the one with soft and spongy full hair known as the Huacaya. Regardless of which variety produced the fiber, the alpaca fabric will have some common characteristics such as:

  • 100% natural
  • Free of lanolin
  • Soft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dyes well
  • Not prickly
  • No pilling

What Can Be Made with Alpaca Wool?

Alpaca wool definitely gives protection against wind and cold. These wools are often used to make coats, jackets, ponchos, vests, etc. Below are the top 4 garments you can make with Alpaca wool.

Poncho – Alpaca ponchos are versatile and can match with any kind of clothing, such as jeans, short dresses, leggings, etc. You can create different looks using alpaca wool as well, be it elegant or casual.

Coat – Alpaca wool does not itch and it easily wards off the cold, which is why alpaca coats have become the new trend in colder regions. You can try a short cut-away style or long swing coat; it will give a classy look for sure.

Dress – Lightweight alpaca would be an ideal choice for a dress. Be it sleeveless straight cut style or A-line design with round neck, alpaca wool would be the best fabric choice.

Sweater – Alpaca sweaters are as warm and as soft as cashmere fabric. You can even try a V-neck sweater with elegant ruching or side splits for special occasions.

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