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5 Types of Woven Fabrics

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Types of Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics are usually created by interlacing two or more than two sets of yarn at right angles to one another. This excellent weaving technique allows manufacturers to produce fabrics in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Most of the woven fabrics available in the market are a lot more durable when compared to other types of fabrics. In addition to that, woven fabrics can also be cut into different shapes with utmost ease, which in turn makes them an excellent choice of designing different styles of garments. However, the downfall of these fabrics is that their raw edges fray or ravel too easily, which means that they are a bit more prone to damages.

Woven fabrics are usually manufactured in different widths based on their end use. For instance, the woven fabrics that are used for apparels come with a width of 90 cms, while the fabrics used for sheeting materials are 140 to 160 cms in length. Following are 5 of the most common types of woven fabrics.


Buckram is actually a stiff coated fabric that is made from a loosely woven lightweight fabric, which is impregnated with filters and adhesives. This fabric is normally used to provide shape retention and support to the button closures, waistbands, cuffs, belts, collars, necklines, and other parts of garments.


Cambric is another lightweight fabric, which is woven in plain weave and manufactured with a stiff finish. Cambric woven fabrics are commonly used in the dresses of women and children, particularly in the dresses that require a bit of crispness.


Casement is one of the most popular medium weight cotton fabric used in garments. This cotton fabric is made by using tightly and thickly packed thick warp yarns. Casement fabric is used for upholstery, table linen, curtains, and they are very rarely used for regular apparels.


Another widely used lightweight sheer fabric that comes with an open weave is called as cheesecloth. This woven fabric was initially used for wrapping meat or cheese, which is why it was named as “cheese” cloth. This fabric is used in drapery fabrics and in the dresses of both women and children.


Chiffon fabrics are lightweight and sheer fabrics that are made by using hard twisted yarns. These fabrics can also be made from polyester, rayon, or silk. The main issue with this fabric is that the garments made of chiffon may shrink very easily.

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