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How to Care your Velvet Fabric

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Velvet fabrics are always luxurious and stylish and put forth an undeniable quality and feel. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the best options for women’s clothing. This soft material is also a good option for your home décor fabrics and helps to raise the ambiance and styling.

Velvet fabrics come in various rich tones along with vibrant textures and patterns. They are made mainly of silk, synthetics, and cotton, woven on a professional loom in order to get the distinctive feel and exclusive look.

One of the main attractions of this fabric is that it will change the color and texture according to the direction it is brushed. However, regular care is recommended for this fabric in order to maintain its exclusive style. Below are some maintenance tips for your velvet fabric.

Weekly Care

There will be many crush marks and scratches on the velvet when you start using it. This is because of the delicate weave of the fabric. Additionally, wrinkles and marks will occur if you fold this cloth; you can remove it with good care and patience.

If you do not take proper care and keep on crushing the garment, it will drop the natural sheen of the fabric. So, weekly care is highly recommended for velvet materials. You can do this easily by vacuuming or brushing it gently to maintain the texture.

Spills and Stains

Water and other liquid agents can stain this soft fabric easily. So, it is best to dry clean the velvet fabric to address any spills and stains. Yet while choosing the dry cleaners, do a research on the best cleaners to ensure the proper handling of your fabric.

If you want to do it yourself, use a soft cloth and blot the stained area. Take care not to apply any pressure on the surface and avoid rubbing on the cloth. Once you finished blotting process, lightly dry it using a hair dryer from a safe distance to prevent further wrinkles or marks. Finally, brush it carefully.


Taking regular care of your fabric will maintain its unique look and texture. If you want to enhance the sheen of your velvet, use a steamer on the reverse in order to whip the fibers in the fabric and make it fluffy.

Furthermore, brush your velvet regularly in the same direction for a uniform color and texture. Most people find this disconcerting, but this proper care is inevitable to maintain your velvet fabrics in proper condition.

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