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Which Types of Cotton Fabric are Best Suitable for Sewing

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A suggestive list of cotton fabric types for home sewing is given below alongside what they are best for. Cotton fabric is the go-to material used in sewing garments. Sewers recommend prewashing all cotton fabric twice at the lease in home sewing. Unless the fabric features a blend of cotton and other materials, or it is very delicate, it is advisable to put cotton in the dryer once in order to shrink the fiber.

It is better to do that purposefully prior to sewing instead of shrinking the sewn garment in the dryer. Cotton is sturdy enough to withstand washing and drying in a dryer. However, it is recommended to hang the garments to dry. This will extend the durability of the garment irrespective of the fabric content.

Batiste and Voile

Both batiste and voile fabric are primarily used to sew lightweight apparels. When used to make loose garments, these semi-sheer cotton fabrics should be lined or layered since they are extremely thin. They are ideal for clothing that flows hence it is advisable to use them for breathable fabrics that does not have extreme structure such as skirts. Sewers employ stay stitching since these semi-sheer fabrics’ weave is loose.


Quilting refers to interweaving layers of fabric with lines of stitching for forming decorative patterns on the garment. Quilting is used in reference to cotton fabrics. Home sewers can use such medium weight cottons as a fabric for making apparels. Since sewers use different making styles, quilting cotton comes in an array of distinct weights too. Keep in mind that quilting cotton has a stiff drape and is not very soft to cotton apparels. So it is best used to sew structured garments. Moreover, you will find sewing with quilting fabric extremely easy since it does not slide and slip.

Cotton Denim Fabric

Most home sewers will be familiar with denim fabric especially those who use twill weave on denim. Made with a pattern of parallel diagonal ribs that is legible to view from both the sides, denim is extremely sturdy. Due to its heavy weight, this type of fabric is ideal to sew pants, jackets, and lightweight skirts. Lightweight denim tends to hang in loose folds, but they can be made into lightweight shirts and simple outfits.

When it comes to shirting cotton, they come in four weaves including twill, plain, satin, and oxford weave. Shirting cotton is a breathable, lightweight fabric in general.

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