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Stylish Shirt Fabric Ideas for Men

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Fabric Ideas For Men

The topics about dressing, fabrics, fashion, etc., will usually be associated with women only. However, all these are equally important for men as well, especially when it comes to clothing fabric. The difference is that choosing a fabric for men’s clothing will not be as easier to choose as that of women. In fact, there is a specific way of choosing a garment for men’s clothing. After all, his outfit has to define his personality and style, the quality of the textile, the formality of the occasion, etc.

You have to be keen about many subtle details while choosing a fabric for shirt, such as the patterns, shapes of pockets, softness, and thickness of the fabric, etc. Still, the type of fabric will be the most important factor in this case since it says most about the wearer out of all other variables in his outfit. If you are looking for the perfect textile choice to sew a man’s shirt, below are some of the comfortable and stylish options that you may consider.


Cotton material will be the first option that most people think about when it comes to the perfect choice for men’s shirt. The main reason for this is the flexibility that cotton fabric offers. That is, you can nail any look wearing a cotton shirt; be it a casual gathering or a formal meeting. Plus, it comes with a wide range of prints and patterns such as checks, stripes, digital painting, etc. If you are an admirer of bold prints, the cotton lawn material will be the perfect option for you. No wonder, the number of organic cotton fabric wholesale companies is increasing day by day.


If you give priority to comfort, luxury, and style, linen fabric is your way to go. Linen garment boasts an outstanding ability to reflect the style and quality of the material like no other fabrics. This material will be the best during the summer season because of its breathable and cool nature. Besides, it tends to style up and softens with time, and hence, a linen shirt will be the best bet for a person who buys his clothes for the long run.


Oxford fabric is coarsest in nature as a result of its unique basket weaving pattern. However, wearing an oxford shirt will be quite comfortable and soft. The rough nature of the material makes such shirts an ideal option for lazy gatherings rather than formal meetings. When it comes to colored or patterned oxford shirt textiles, the threads running in one direction will be colored and the threads in the other direction is left uncolored or white. This will be a perfect option for all the men who prefer to stand out or look cool.

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