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Future Textile Technologies Set to Revolutionize Fashion

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Textile Printing

Future Textile Technology

The fashion industry is a slow-moving entity where every small change is questioned through the eyes of society and traditions. Therefore, changes are slow. However, with the upcoming wave of technological innovations, the fashion industry is set to see some astonishing changes on an everyday level. Below are a few technologies in the textile printing industry that is set to bring radical changes to the fashion world.

3D Printed Clothing

3D printing is a technology that is being explored at a rapid pace in every field including the textile industry. This technology is in the pipeline for several of the items that will be common products in a few years. For instance, the recent innovation of performance athletic footwear is a great use of this technology to expand the scope of footwear. Besides, a Scottish wholesale fabrics company recently launched knitwear collection where the traditional and cutting-edge technology was expertly blended to give a very useful product.

There are more materials like 3D printed fabric, which feel very much like conventional clothing but have the qualities of excellent hi-tech material. This has benefits outside the sphere of fashion too. In fact, such materials will reduce the heavy dependence on insecticide-heavy cotton, which is very detrimental to the environment.

Color Changing Fabrics

Color changing fabrics are also coming to the picture of the fashion world. Photochromatic technology is being used to create wholesale fabrics capable of changing colors according to the design. In the US, scientists have developed clothes capable of changing color in relation to the wavelength of light falling on to it. This could help the military to use it as perfect camouflage clothes.

In yet another development, researchers are experimenting with a clothing fabric that can change color according to the discretion of the wearer. This makes use of the electric signals from the body and stores it. This energy is used later to produce colors according to their interest.

VR Models

Fashion brands employ 3D rendering software to design their clothes. This technology is now being extended to effectively market the latest trends in the market. Manufacturers have come up with computer-generated models that are dressed in the clothes intended to be displayed. These are dressed with such accuracy that the viewers can feel the dressed model very close to being real. Besides, you can observe these models from a faraway place, without the need to get seats in the latest catwalk.

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