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Why Cotton Is the Best Clothing Choice for Babies

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Newborn babies have very delicate skin and so their clothing should be much delicate. This is the reason why cotton has become the preferred clothing for newborn babies. Fabric wholesalers and experts say that cotton clothing is very soft and so it can be much soft on the baby skin. Doctors recommend using baby receiving blankets that are made of cotton. Below are some of the important reasons that will explain why you should use only cotton fabrics for your newborn.

  • Cotton is 100% organic and natural fiber that will not result in any allergic reactions on the baby skin.
  • Cotton is a very soft fiber, which will not be harsh on the skin of your baby.
  • Fabrics made from cotton are breathable, meaning that they will offer good aeration, thereby helping to keep the baby cool. In addition, cotton clothing can also absorb body moisture easily.
  • Cotton is the perfect clothing material for babies with asthma as unlike other clothing materials, cotton will not release any particulate material that can lead to asthma attacks.
  • As cotton is a natural fiber, it is non-allergenic and can be used safely without worrying about eczema or rash breakouts.
  • Unlike baby blankets made from synthetic material, cotton blankets and fabrics can be washed in hot water, as the fabric is capable of enduring high temperatures without affecting the durability or quality of the material. As cotton fabrics can be sterilized, it is the perfect clothing material for your baby.
  • Textile manufacturers USA say that synthetic materials are often treated with many chemicals to offer them a good finish. These chemicals can be unsafe for your baby and may result in rashes on the skin of the baby. On the other hand, cotton fibers are not subjected to such treatments and make it the perfect for the baby skin.
  • It is very easy to clean cotton fabrics when compared to many other synthetic fabrics. Cotton fibers release grime and dirt very easily. Therefore, you need not use any harsh chemicals and detergents to remove dirt and stains on cotton clothing. You just need to use a mild baby detergent with warm water to wash and clean cotton baby clothes. In addition, you can dry cotton clothes very easily. All you need to do is to tumble dry cotton clothing or hung them up to dry.
  • Plastic diapers can make the baby uncomfortable and hot. Therefore, make sure that you use diapers made of cotton. Additionally, these diapers can absorb much moisture before causing dampness. So, in short, diapers made of cotton can keep your baby dry and comfortable for a long time.

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