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Top 5 Cotton Fabrics That Designers Swear By

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Cotton is a natural fiber that comes of cotton plant, and the fabric is produced by knitting or weaving of yarn. Cotton fabric is a must-have in our wardrobe; it not just adds to the glamour quotient of our wardrobe, but also is very comfortable to put on and carry.

There are many benefits of using cotton clothing, the most important advantage being that cotton fabric comes as a savior in the summer season. Apparently, we tend to sweat a lot during the summer; cotton fabric absorbs the sweat and helps our body to cool down, thereby keeping our body dry and helping to prevent fungal infection or rashes.

In addition to that, cotton fabrics are lightweight and allow light to pass through it instead of absorbing. That is why it is perfect for people with sensitive skin as it brings down the severity of any allergic reactions, unlike synthetic fabrics. However, great care should be taken while choosing and storing cotton fabrics.

There are different kinds of cotton fabrics that are immensely popular among designers. Below are the top 5 cotton fabric types that are recommended and preferred by fashion designers and textile experts across the world.

  • Cotton Voile – This is a lightweight, semi-sheer fabric with great drape.
  • Chambray – This is a soft fabric woven with white and colored yarn.
  • Corduroy – These are ribbed pile fabrics in various weights and weaves.
  • Chintz – These are glazed fabrics often printed with flowers and stripes.
  • Broadcloth – These are tightly woven cotton cloth with fine embedded crosswise ribs.

Cotton fabrics or textiles are highly durable and are advisable by great dermatologists as well as designers. Cotton, being a natural fiber, is gentle on the skin and is well suited for adults as well as babies. In fact, it is highly recommended to go for cotton fabric for infants and newborns, as they do no harm to the baby’s soft skin unlike the polyester clothing that can lead to rashes and allergies.

Apart from the comfort and thermal benefits of cotton fabric, it can also be used to manufacture weather-resistant clothing. After the cotton yarn is weaved into strong and dense fabric, a weather-repellent coating is applied to make the clothing weather-resistant, which assures that the garment has the utmost insulation properties. What’s more, the comfort and breathability of cotton fabric is never lost in the process.

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