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An Ultimate Guide to the Process of Weaving and Knitting

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There will be hardly anyone, who does not love beautiful and luxurious fabrics. There are many types of garments available in the market that is sure to offer the utmost look and comfort; the fabric made in USA is one of the best.

People usually consider many things while choosing their cloth material such as its pattern, color, fabric, comfort, and many more. However, most of them are hardly aware of the difference between a knitted fabric and woven fabric that they often purchase from a textile company. Read on to understand the differences between weaving and knitting of fabrics.


This is the basic technique, which is involved in the fabric construction. The main method that is incorporated in the weaving process is the interlacing of yarns. The vertical yarn that is known as a wrap and a horizontal yarn known as the weft are used here. Each of these yarns is interlaced at the right angle in order to make the fabric structure. The output product is then used to manufacture different varieties of woven fabrics. However, the main thing to note here is that two threads are used in this process.

Some of the main examples of woven fabrics are twill, chambray, denim, oxford, etc. The important features of a woven fabric include:

  • Less drapability qualities in comparison with the knitted fabrics
  • Less stretchable when compared to the knitted fabrics because of the tightly packed arrangement of yarns in the fabric

As woven fabrics tend to crease often, frequent ironing is required to maintain the look of such apparels. However, some people prefer the creased look these days too.


Unlike weaving, a single thread is employed in the knitting process. Here, the main technique involved is the intermeshing the loops of a yarn in order to manufacture the fabric. The final structure after all this intermeshing process is the knitted fabric and is mainly used in apparels such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc.

You can create a knitted fabric with your hands; for instance, consider the knitting process of a sweater. However, a textile company usually uses knitting machines to make different types of commercial garments. In the knitting machines, there will be one or more needle as per the type of the fabric that is being manufactured. Some of the important features of knitted fabric include:

  • Good elasticity and drapability property
  • Easy to maintain and no need of frequent ironing
  • Good insulating property

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