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The Key Differences between Cotton and Linen Fabric

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Cotton and Linen Fabric

There are many textile manufacturers USA who are pioneers in the field of fabric manufacturing and selling. These companies sell a variety of extravagant fabrics such as velvet, silk, linen, and many more. Out of these, linen and cotton are highly popular, especially during the summer time. Although both are made from natural fibers, there are many key differences between the two. Some of these are given below, so that you can easily decide the type of garment you need.

Strength and Longevity

In case of strength, nothing can beat linen fabric. In fact, it is the strongest natural fiber in the world. Linen fiber is so strong and durable that it is even used in the manufacturing of paper money. In the case of cotton, you can increase the strength by making a yarn spinning the multiple natural fibers, and then weaving it into a fabric.

Another striking dissimilarity is that linen fabrics are thicker than cotton, and are lengthy in comparison. The durable nature as well as the elongated structure contributes to the strength and longevity of linen fabric.

Ease of Handling

Even though linen is usually crisper than cotton, it tends to become supple through handling. Although the presence of texture is more in linen when compared to cotton, it also exhibits a high luster, providing a silky appeal. Apart from that, both linen and cotton are prone to wrinkling. However, the wrinkles will become soft and smooth with use in the case of linen. The elegance and soft feel that this garment entails makes it one of the best fluid drapes to behold.

When it comes to ease of wearing during the seasons, linen scores higher, as it can be used during both summer and winter. In the case of cotton, the best time to wear it is during in summertime.

Association with Moisture

All natural fibers interact well with moisture. In the case of linen, this is extreme – linen is regarded as the wicking fiber of nature. The amount of moisture that a linen fabric can suck in before starting to feel damp is 20%. It goes up to 25% in the case of cotton fabric. Hence, both fabrics are ideal for wear during summertime.

Apart from this, linen fabric is known to gain more strength as it gets damp. This has made the material an ideal option for bathing towels. The anti-bacterial property of linen also contributes to this.

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