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Fabrics to Complement Men’s Summer Wardrobe Collection

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Summer Fabric Guide

Summer season is on the horizon, and obviously, the scorching heat may force you to limit your wardrobe collection to string vests and shorts. Sadly, these limited clothing options will not leave much room for creativity. Nevertheless, you can tackle this issue and design a wardrobe that can swerve the scorching heat as well as your fashion style. Some of those amazing fabrics that every man should consider especially during spring and summer are listed below.


Cotton is one of the most commonly used natural fabrics, and you can barely find a clothing collection that does not entail at least one cotton apparel. Since cotton is readily available and affordable, it is one of the popular daily wear garments. The main advantage of using cotton shirts or other clothing during the summer season is its breathable nature. That is, cotton fibers will not trap hot air or moisture that can make you sweat even more.

The easy flow of air through the fabric, as well as the moisture wicking quality of cotton, will instantly draw the humidity or dampness away from the body to keep it cool. Furthermore, the material is extremely soft, and hence, the style of cotton clothes range from casual tees, shirts, and trousers to formal blazers, suits, and pants. The lightweight and strength of cotton fabric are the other plus points that make the textile a comfy wear. The only downsides of cotton are its tendency to wrinkle fast and poor performance under pressure.


Another stunning fabric to include in the spring or summer wardrobe of every man is linen. This timeless clothing fabric option would be the best if you love to sway it with your looks. The main attraction of linen fabric is its lower thread count that adds to its breathability. Moreover, linen is the strongest natural fiber in the world making it a durable clothing option. Additionally, it is really light in weight that makes it so comfortable for the wearer to carry.

Like cotton, linen fabric is also known for its moisture-wicking property, and hence, you will not feel damped even if you are sweating copiously. In addition, linen fabric is coarse in nature but tends to get softer over time, unlike cotton fabric. However, linen material tends to wrinkle fast because of its poor elasticity. Plus, this ultimate fabric is a bit expensive when compared to cotton and some other natural fabrics.

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