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The Stunning Benefits of Hemp Fabrics

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Hemp is a plant with great overall qualities in different domains for humans. It has been in use for various purposes from the prehistoric times. Nowadays, its potential is being utilized by people all over the world and these are being used in various industries too like the textile industry.

One of the best qualities of textile made of hemp is that it is more durable than synthetic fibers. Besides, it has many other qualities that must be sufficient to inculcate more of these into our knitting mills and subsequently our day-to-day fabrics. Below are some of the qualities of hemp fabric that makes it a good choice for daily wear.

The Ability to Tackle the Issue of Microplastic in Water and Food

Most of the synthetic fibers sold today carry traces of petroleum. As these clothes are cleaned and washed, these are lost to the water. This means the ‘synthetic microfibers’ or ‘micro-plastics’ fall off into the water. Finally, they end up in the sewer system, which is the end of this cycle.

Note that micro-plastics are of a size less than 1 millimeter across. This means they cannot be filtered out. As a result, they are consumed by any living thing and end up in the digestive system of these beings.

If the clothes are used from hemp, these issues are not even encountered. Hemp is 2.5 times stronger than petrochemical plastics as well. Thus, they do not shed easily like synthetic fiber. These can be ideally used as wholesale fabrics as they do not leach any chemicals. Besides, they are fully biodegradable.

The Antibacterial Properties

Hemp clothes are known for their antibacterial properties. They do not allow the growth and proliferation of microbes like bacteria on them. In fact, the material fights against these bacteria.

Reports show that at least two million Americans pick up staph infections when they are treated in hospitals, with around 90,000 resulting in death. This is caused by microbial activity. One of the major sources of these infections is the clothing they wear. Bacteria can easily spread through the clothes and get transferred from one person to the other.

One of the most logical ways to stop this is to ensure that an antibacterial fabric like hemp is used in the hospitals. If clothing of the medical staff and the bed spreads and sheets are also made of hemp, the change could be much comprehensive. This would not only stop the diseases from spreading but also fight the bacteria and resist any kind of activity.

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