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Everything you Need to Know about Double Knit Fabric

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Double knit fabric can be used for different types of garments. In contrast to most knit fabrics, used for garments that necessitate stretch for proper fit, its unique construction results in an extremely stable fabric that is suitable for clothing items, whose weight would actually distort when any other knit is used. The best in the fabric construction business recommend the use of two sets of ballpoint needles when sewing it.

Construction of Double Knit Fabric

The fabric is constructed using needles, creating loops upon the back and front. These loops are woven together so that the layers are intertwined, and they will not separate. The result is a dense fabric, which is twice as thick as a common knit fabric as well as has firm stability that compares favorably with woven fabrics. Fabric manufacturers say this one originated in Italy.


Since its unique construction is fundamental to the textile’s stability, the material used to make it can vary greatly. The natural fibers and synthetics, like silk and polyester respectively, can be used for the purpose of creating double knits. Rayon and cotton are other popular options.


The double-needle construction results in a fabric that, in contrast to single knit ones, does not curl at their edges. Since knitted loops constitute the back and front, you can use either side of the fabric as its “right side”. This type of fabric is wrinkle-resistant too, which makes it perfect for travel wardrobes.


The fabric is unique for its weight as well as stability. Thanks to these characteristics, the fabric can be used for the kind of projects that are usually kept for woven clothing, comprising jackets, skirts, and pants. When constructed from a single knit fabric, such clothing items would distort as well as stretch out on wearing. As the edges of a double knit fabric do not curl, it can be used even for making a bandage.


Double knit fabric usually withstands dry cleaning and does not shrink. Yet you should always wash any fabric with care. It is advisable to clean it as per the fiber used to construct it. While cotton may shrink, the polyester material items should not be exposed to high heat. When it is a fabric blend, you have to treat it as per the more delicate material in it.

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