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Caring and Maintenance Tips for Different Fabrics

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Fabrics Maintenance Tips

Clothing is one of the basic necessities for any human being. However, the concept of clothing stretches far beyond just utility, and has become an indicator of the status quotient of the wearer. Most people would be amazed to know that they are spending a good share of their income on their fabrics or clothing. In fact, many studies in the field report that the average family in the United States tends to spend around $2000 annually on clothing.

Needless to say, you can be spared decent expense if you preserve your clothes well. Note that the best caring methods for different fabrics would vary because of their varying durability, material composition, color, quality, etc. In order to get an idea regarding the proper approach for your garment, you should first refer to the label. Such labels would normally include washing instructions, materials makeup, drying instructions, etc. It is worth noting that no two fabrics will have the same care labels. Furthermore, it is ideal to have a basic idea regarding best care and maintenance of some commonly found fabrics in wardrobes, whether or not you own these yourself.


Cotton is one of the most broadly used fabrics in the world. You can see cotton clothing everywhere that ranges from casual tops to ball gowns. In fact, it’s hard to find a person who does not own at least single piece of cotton apparel. Virgin cotton shrinks the more you wash it, so buy only pre-shrunk or processed cotton apparels. For washing, refer to the care label on your clothes. Usually, processed garments can be washed using either warm or cold water. The latter serves better to preserve the color and the brightness of your garment as such. Besides that, it is normally recommended to dry cotton clothes under minimal heat. If not, you can simply remove your cotton fabric from the dryer while it is still somewhat cool, and air-dry it. Note that over-drying cotton fabrics can bump up chances of shrinkage.


Linen is another fabric which can be commonly seen in almost every person’s closet. This amazing fabric is generally used in more luxurious clothing. As a result, dry cleaning is almost always recommended. In case you have linen that is machine-washable, take care to set the water temperature according to the color of the fabric. Moreover, linen fabric tends to absorb more amount of water when compared to other textile material, so do not overcrowd your washing machine when washing linen clothes. When it comes to ironing them, press them inside out first.

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