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How to Choose Fabrics That Complement your Body Type

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There are many types of clothing available nowadays that help you to spruce up different functions and events. In fact, most fashion addicts prefer to create a bold statement with their clothing style. Usually, people tend to follow the latest fashion trends in order to rock a function. However, it would be really silly to blindly follow the fashion trends because there is no guarantee that it will complement your beauty. Hence, it is better to create your own fashion statement and choose the clothing that reflects your lifestyle and personality. This will make it easier for you to carry it anywhere with comfort and confident irrespective of the fashion trends.

You must be crucial to choose the fabrics that match your body type perfectly in order to get the best looks. For this, you must consider the features, such as textures, cuts, styles, colors, seasons, etc., while selecting a garment. However, it will be quite a daunting task in order to pick the right fabric since the designs and drapes on your dress are more likely to overpower your selection skills. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the fabrics that are ideal for different body types.

Pear Shaped Body

The highlights of a person with pear shaped body will be a well-crafted upper body with a swan-like neck, bony shoulders, round hips, and slim arms. So, you must choose a fabric that highlights these features well. Some of the suitable options for you are georgette, chiffon, matte jersey, viscose, and polyester. Additionally, try to avoid bottoms that are made using stiff garments, such as wool, leather, etc., since they can make you look bulky.

Athletic Body

Choosing fabrics for people with athletic body type is pretty easy because of their well-toned and straightforward silhouette with very few curves. Here, you must choose textiles with an aim of enhancing your curves. Some of the best garment options for this include cotton, satin, matte jersey, and silk. In addition, you must give special attention in order to choose dresses that fit your body well so in order to show off your curves perfectly.

Apple Shaped Body

People with apple shaped body are characterized by their slender legs, narrow hips, and big busts. All these are quite enviable features, but apple shaped people usually have a round tummy. Hence, hiding your tummy shape ought to be the main point that you must keep in mind while choosing a textile option. It is recommended for you to stay away from glittery and shiny fabrics that are barely stretchable. Rather, go for fabrics that will allow you to comfortably slip in and breathe easily, such as viscose, matte jersey, and cotton.

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