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Three Types of Blended Fabrics

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Types Of Blended Fabrics

The blending of man-made fibers with cellulosic fibers has enabled textile manufacturers to produce high-quality fabric materials with superior characteristics. The excellent quality and high durability of blended fabric materials have made them immensely popular among customers over the last few years. In fact, several recently conducted surveys have confirmed the fact that the use of blended fabric materials has significantly increased in the United States and several other countries.

If the process of blending different types of fabrics is done carefully and accurately, then the good quality of both the fibers will be emphasized in the finished product. In addition to that, the poor qualities of both the fabrics will also be considerably reduced in the final blended garment. In short, the process of fabric blending enables textile manufactures to produce perfect fabric materials.

There are plenty of options available in the market for customers who are looking to buy blended fabrics. Some of the most commonly purchased types of blended fabrics are polyester viscose rayon, terry wool, and terry cotton. Below are a few facts about these three blended fabrics that will help you to decide which one is the best choice for you.

Terry Cotton

Terry cotton fabrics of different blend ratios are available aplenty in the market. However, the most popular type of terry cotton fabric contains 65 percent of polyester while the remaining 35 percent is cotton. Terry cotton fabric material with the above-mentioned polyester-to-cotton ratio is suitable for daily wear. The blending of cotton and polyester allows textile manufacturers to produce highly absorbent and softer fabric as the final product.

Terry Wool

Terry Wool is actually made by combining polyester and wool in different ratios. The excellent crease retention and wrinkle resistance offered by polyester improve the properties of blended terry wool fabric materials. In addition to that, wool offers absorbency, drapability, and warmth resiliency based on the ratio in which the fabric is blended. Wool and polyester blends are available in different ratios too, but the common polyester-to-wool ratio is also 65 to 35.

Polyester Viscose Rayon

Polyester viscose rayon is another common fabric blend that is made by combining viscose and polyester. The blending of these two materials allows textile manufacturers to produce finished products with high shape retention, resiliency, and durability. In addition to that, the strength of the resultant fabric is also high when compared to polyester and viscose fabrics.

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