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Popular Fabric Patterns to Look Out for in 2018

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Textile Printing

Popular Fabric Patterns

Starting from the old conventional printing methods to the new digital printing methods, textile printing has evolved over the years. Fabric manufacturers usually use a combination of two or more repeats to create a design using textile printing methods. Some patterns that have always been well known are given below.

Block Repeat

The block repeat pattern is the simplest form of repeat pattern. This pattern is formed by stacking the original repeat pattern in a basic grid and it looks good with simpler and geometric motifs.

Brick/Half-Brick Repeat

The brick/half-brick repeats are often used in fabric designs. As the name suggests, the motifs are arranged here like bricks on a wall, in a horizontal row, and the next row is offset to form a staggered look.

Drop/Half-Drop Repeat

The drop/half-drop repeat pattern is another one of the frequently used pattern in surface design and is very similar to the brick/half-brick pattern except for the fact that instead of horizontal offset, these motifs are set vertically.

Diamond Repeat

In this pattern, the motifs are set in a repeat of diamond shape. The motifs can either be as simple as one diamond put in a half-brick or half-drop repeat or just each diamond as a combination of smaller motifs.

Ogee Repeat

This pattern is more like the diamond repeat in shape, but ogee has two sides coming to points while the other two sides are more rounded. This pattern can be either complex with overlaps or a simple repeat in half-brick or half-drop.

Toss/Random Repeat

This repeat pattern has a random arrangement of many motifs to create a non-linear and a very organic design. This pattern is very popularly used for floral patterns.

Stripe Repeat

The stripe repeat pattern can have a complex and interesting execution. It can either have simple stripes in a single or multi-color or have single motifs with stripes to give a different look.

Dot Repeat

The dot repeat pattern is as simple as the stripe pattern. As the name sounds, this pattern does not always have dots; instead, it is the arrangement of motifs with a little bit of space between them to imitate dots.

Plaid/Check Repeat

The plaid/check/gingham repeats are very commonly used print in the fabric wholesale market. They provide a variety of designs, with patterns consisting of crossed vertical and horizontal bands in two or more colors.

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