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The Best Technologies That Are Ready to Change the World of Fashion

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The obsession of almost every human being towards the clothing is also skyrocketing these days. No wonder, the world of fashion is evolving with every passing day. The time of sticking on to the clichéd wholesale cotton fabric, linen, silk, etc., from a textile company have long gone now. In the past few years, people used to recycle the technologies used by the older generation in the name of cutting-edge technology and heritage. However, people are now in search of new and creative technologies in clothing that can rule the world of fashion industry.

Most of the fanciful clothing such as mood responsive dresses, bubble spewing fabrics, etc., that are commonly seen in fiction movies can be a reality in the near future. The growth of fashion technology as well as the scientific breakthroughs included in it is enough to solidify this. Below are some of the best technologies that are ready to rock the fashion industry like never before.

3D Printed Clothing

The chance of having 3D clothing was limited up to some sci-fi fictional movies and dreams for the past few years. However, the jaw-dropping exploration of incorporating 3D technology in clothing over the years has made it a reality. In fact, many reputed brands have already started marketing their 3D apparels.

It is quite common that people might feel it awkward to wear this kind of garments. Fortunately, designers are keen on keeping it conventional just like simple cotton fabrics. This technology is enough to show how a traditional and ultra-modern expertise and tools can be combined to produce a remarkably amazing end product.

Interactive Clothing

This is another trend, which is going to change all the concepts of fashion. Interactive apparels are made possible by using the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This is a wireless based technology, and the best part about NFC is that it is comparatively inexpensive and is readily available.

With this technology, you can easily get all the details about your desirable dress within seconds on your smartphone. That is, if you waved your phone over the tag of apparel, you can see all the details like the type of garment, its construction, fabric quality, durability, how to style it, and many more, on your smartphone screen.

Color Changing Fabrics

There will be hardly anyone, who does not dream of color changing clothes, at least in their childhood. In this technology, a membrane of tiny crystals is employed in the clothing that reacts and changes color when exposed to light of different wavelength. This is because of the presence of a thin sheet of indium tin oxide that charges the crystals when light hits it.

Another technology involved in color changing fabrics is a slight current that is harnessed from the body movements. This type of fabrics is generally known as electronic fabrics. Here, the color of the fabric tends to change even with slight body movements.

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