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Why Choose Cotton cum Polyester Blend for Sporting Outfits and Daily Wears

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When it comes to choosing a fabric material, equal parts cotton and polyester blend can be a comfortable option. People spend considerable time trying to find the ideal outfit that matches with their fashion sense. Choosing the material that is matching to your basic needs is equally important as getting the best value for money. Below are a few reasons as to why you should consider a fabric having an equal blend of both cotton and polyester.

Gives you Warmth

The cotton cum polyester blend will not be drenched in sweat when you work out and provide warmth underneath the fabric, especially in the winter season. Choosing a mixture of cotton and polyester would ensure the comfort that you are looking for, round the year. It can offer ventilation to keep your skin cool and comfortable.

Ideal for Forever Athletes

Polyester does not absorb much moisture and that allow the fabric to dry up more quickly when you stay engaged in some physical activities. This is one of the prime reasons why many of the sporting jerseys are made from cotton cum polyester material. While cotton gives you the feel of wearing a fabric that breathes, synthetic polyester gives more comfort.

Ideal for Printing Patterns

Screen printing process refers to the printing of logos or pictures on materials. In outfits logos and patterns are print using colors, and pigments placed to precision in screen printing applications. The knitting mills make use of fabrics having equal parts polyester cum cotton to print patterns making the outfit aesthetically appealing. Screen printings are mostly seen on T-Shirts and jerseys that are used as everyday wear.

Durable Material

The synthetic fiber content in the polyester would help the material to hold the applied color intact. However, the outfits for children would require frequent washing and the blended material would maintain the color.

If you need an outfit that would stand the test of time, you can certainly go for those having 50 percent cotton and polyester. If you are planning to wear the outfit daily, the blend of cotton and polyester can be your best bet, as it is durable and long lasting.

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