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How to Choose Fabrics That Complements your Skin Color

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Clothing is not just confined to a basic need these days. Rather, it reflects on the social status and lifestyle of the person. No wonder, all of us are very watchful when it comes to our clothing options. However, you must not blindly follow the fashion trends in this case because it is not necessary that the pieces of clothing that suit one person will suit you as well. In fact, you must choose the fabrics that complement your skin tones so that you can carry it even after many years with confidence and ultimate panache.

To do that, you must first figure out your skin tone. Human skin tone is classified into fair, medium, and dark. To find out which one is yours, you can try some simple tests, such as foundation test, metal test, paper test, color test, etc. Once you figured out your skin color tone, you can easily determine the color that suits you during different seasons.

Note that our skin tends to change with seasons too, and hence, this step is really important. You can refer to online clothing sites to find out the seasonal color for different skin tones, and then start your shopping.

It is always better to purchase some fabrics that complement every skin tone. Some of those textile colors that you may consider include red, white, eggplant, emerald green, blush, etc. Nonetheless, if you find it hard to choose the right fabric color that suits your skin tone, go through the guide given below.

Fair Skin Tones

Choosing wrong fabric colors can easily tarnish the beauty of people with pale skin tone. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to consider dark color shades and avoid pastel color shades or anything that resembles your skin color. Some of the best fabric color options that you may consider include navy blue, black, deep brown, burgundy, charcoal, and deep green.

Medium Skin Tones

The main advantage of having medium skin tone is that you can choose both light-colored and dark-colored textiles. The only thing that you must take care of here is to avoid choosing the ensembles that have color tones close to your skin color such as olive green, mustard yellow, light brown, etc.

Dark Skin Tones

People with dark skin color tones have the most flexible options when it comes to choosing garment colors because looking washed out is out of the question here. Dark-colored people will look ravishing in the fabric colors like black, jewel tones, dark blue, charcoal grey, bright colored accents, pastel shades, etc. However, it is better to stay away from deep brown shades.

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