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The Different Types of Pre-Cut Fabrics

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Types Of Pre-Cut Fabrics

Fabric precuts are cut into regular sizes suitable for specific stitching projects designed to help you organize sewing process well. Many textile manufacturers USA provide wide varieties of fabric pre-cuts; given below are some of the most common ones available in the market.

Mini Charm Pack

This pre-cut is one of the smallest types. It has a dimension of 2.5” x 2.5” and comes in a pack of 42 each. Even though these pre-cuts are usually used as samples, they can be a perfect choice for centerpieces and act as good embellishments.

Charm Pack

It has a size of 5” x 5” and comes in a pack of 42 each. This pre-cut is available in a wide variety of patterns and can be used for patchworks. Since this cut is a perfect square cut, you do not have to waste your time to cut it further into equal pieces.

Jelly Roll

These pre-cuts come in a size of 2.5” x 44” with 40 fabric pieces rolled up in a pinwheel shape. Each of the fabric strips in the roll is from the same collection but with different color and design. It can be used for adding extra details or for incorporating in patchwork quilts.

Dessert Roll

The dessert roll has a measure of 5” x 44”, and they come in rolled strips with each roll having 20 fabric cuts. These strips have a common theme with a different color, design, and pattern. You can use these for decorating edge or for making quilt designs.

Layer Cake

Layer cake pre-cut is twice the size of the charm pack, that is, 10” x 10”, and there are 42 pieces in a pack. These cuts are ideal for use in large-scale needs as the designs are grand and abstract so that you can get enough design opportunities.

Fat Eighth

With a measure of 9” x 22”, these pre-cuts are rectangular in shape and are used entirely or cut up according to necessity. A pack of fat eighth usually contains around 20 to 40 cut pieces and each of it has a distinct design, pattern, and color variation with a specific theme.

Fat Quarter

This pre-cut comes in a size of 18” x 22” providing you more than enough creative possibilities. They are generally rectangular and have various prints in a particular collection, each of which complements one another perfectly.

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