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3 Fabrics That are Made from Natural Fibers

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Natural Fiber Types

Manufacturers incorporate the use of a wide variety of raw materials to produce textile fibers. The raw materials are usually obtained from natural, artificial, and mixed blends. These materials undergo a number of processes before they are used to produce fabrics. Fabrics are generally classified into two different categories on the basis of their origin, that is, fabrics from natural fibers and fabrics from man-made fibers.

In simple words, natural fibers are the fibers that are obtained from nature. The fabrics that are produced by using natural fibers are known as natural fabrics. Textile companies use large sources of cellulose in order to manufacture natural garments. In addition to that, several fiber producing animals and plants are also grown commercially to meet the demands of such textile products. Some of the most popular fabrics that are made from natural fibers are the following.

Cotton Fabric

The natural fiber, cotton, which comes from cotton plant’s seedpod, is used to manufacture several types of fabrics. Cotton fabric is one of the most common fabrics made from this type of fiber. The soothing and safe nature of cotton allows this fabric to be used for the clothing and beddings of infants. The best thing about cotton fabric is that it has the ability to adjust itself as per the weather conditions.

Silk Fabric

Silk is the strongest natural fabric available in the market. The luxurious look, beauty, luster, and softness of silk fabric have made it one of the most favored choices of customers. This higher-grade fabric also offers comfort to the wearer in different climatic conditions.

To be precise, silk keeps our body warm in winter and cool during the summer months. Manufacturers usually use silk to make expensive and luxurious clothing.

Linen Fabric

Linen is considered as the ‘king of natural fabric’ by both manufacturers and customers. This natural fabric is extensively used by textile companies for home furnishing and making apparels. Linen fabric is extremely strong and highly durable, which implies that this fabric requires low maintenance.

Another highlighting feature of linen is that it is safe for all skin types, and this impressive natural property of linen makes it highly suitable for customers with sensitive skin. This also means that linen fabric does not cause any issues such as allergic reaction or irritation.

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