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Top 8 Popular Fabrics Used in the Textile Industry

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Popular Fabric Types

It is apparent that the make and feel of clothing will differ depending upon the fabric’s fiber source. Some fibers are obtained from natural sources like plants or animals, while others are artificially made. According to the type of fiber, the procedures involved in manufacturing the fabric will also vary. However, all types of fabrics are produced through a number of common steps like weaving, knitting, and thirdly, felting.

As the manufacturing processes have evolved greatly in the recent past, you get to see many varieties of fabrics in textile industry these days. Given below is a guide to knowing about the top 8 popular fabric types today.

Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon is a light plain weaved sheer fabric having a soft drape consisting of sand Z-twist crepe yarns. The Z-twist in these yarns puckers the chiffon in both the directions after weaving and gives a little stretch and rough feel.

This type of fabric is manufactured by making use of various fibers like synthetic, silk, cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, etc. One of the main advantages of this fabric is that it can be dyed to any desired color, which is why chiffon is used in bridal gowns, prom dresses, evening dresses, and scarves.

Denim Fabric

Denim is a rugged cotton twill fabric that is usually used to make jeans. In this fabric type, weft passes under two or more warp fibers to provide a diagonal ribbing which can be easily identified on the backside of the fabric. This ribbing separates the denim fabric form the cotton duck.

Denim fabric is typically dyed with an indigo color for creating blue jeans. This fabric is used all over the globe due to the extreme comfort and fashionable look it offers.

Organza Fabric

Organza fabric is a plain weaved thin sheer fabric that is made of continuous filaments of silk yarn. Nowadays, many organza fabrics are woven along with synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. However, for a stylish fabric, they are woven with silk.

Organza fabrics have their main application in bags. There is a lot of variations in designs and shape of organza fabric bags and they have gained a lot of attention in recent times. Millions of people prefer a smooth touch of uniqueness and sophistication in organza fabric bags.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet is one of the softest and smoothest fabrics when compared to other types. These are specially manufactured due to their distinct properties. These fabrics are used in shirts, dress, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

The high-class looks and affordability of this fabric has made it a very popular fabric type today. What’s more, these fabrics are available in multifarious colors and designs, are elastic and stronger, and require very less maintenance.

Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabric is made of polyester or silk; it is a sheer and strong silk-like fabric, which usually comes with a creped and dull surface. In other words, georgette is a sheer lightweight fabric that can provide ultimate comfort. This fabric is slightly heavy when compared to chiffon though, and opaque as well.

Georgette will be the best choice if you prefer a good fabric for an affordable price. In fact, it has become one of the most demanded fabric types in the fashion world due to its uniqueness and exquisiteness.

Flannel Fabric

Flannel is a plain or a twill woven fabric that is very popular for its coziness and softness. Its manufacturing involves a “Double brushing” technique that makes the fabric soft. Therefore, this fabric can be called as a brushed fabric having soft fibers on either one or both of the surfaces.

Although flannel fabric was originally made up of wool, it is now being made using cotton, wool, or other synthetic fibers. These fabrics are commonly used in shirts, jackets, suits, pajamas, and bedspreads.

Terry Fabric

Terry is woven fabric generally used in towels, and are widely referred as terry bath towels. These fabrics are either made up of cotton or by blending with a synthetic fiber. The loop pile present on both sides of the material cover the whole surface or form stripes, checks, cables, or any other patterns.

Yarns used in terry towels have high absorbency, ability to die well, high wet strength, hypoallergenic property, and low cost. Usually, cotton is used as yarn in wrap-knitted terry fabric due to its good absorbing properties.

Quilted Fabric

Quilting is an art of sewing two or more fabric layers together for making a thick padded material to create a quilted garment. It can be sewn by means of hand sewing or machine sewing. They can blend with any materials like silk, polyesters, cotton, wool, etc., too.

Quilted fabrics are mainly used for products such as mattresses, clothing, and bags. Additionally, this fabric can be made of any shape and can have any color. Quilted fabrics have been in use for a long time, and over all these years, these have been modernized by altering designs and compositions.

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